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June, 2022 * Volume II, Number 6

Dear Pleasant Reader,

Finally! It’s the end of the month, and here’s the latest edition of the world’s premier news-free newsletter, Word PLAY!

In this edition, we discuss the importance of regular, consistent, and positive exposure to your customers and top prospects. And the high price of meat.


Joking aside, THANK YOU for reading, and for making Firewords Creative Copy your go-to source for the words that win and the funny that makes money. I am humbled by your support, and seriously grateful for your business.

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Michael D. Hume, M.S.
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Meanwhile, in this edition of Word PLAY...

The Funny Way To Stay In Touch

Word PLAY… Playful Monthly Commentary
On Persuasive Copy For YOUR Business

You should stay in touch with people you know, and with your business’s customers and ideal prospects. Everyone knows this. Even my dog knows this.

If you’re an ad salesman, and you’re trying to sell newspaper ads, you’ll hear prospect after money-grubbing prospect tell you they don’t need to advertise, because they get their business from something called “word of mouth.”

(I’m definitely speaking from experience here. For those of you under 50, a “newspaper” used to be a thing. And word-of-mouth still is.)

This is what one of my customers, a butcher, told me. He got all his business from word-of-mouth referrals. But he was an unpleasant fellow, so I could see why his shop was always empty whenever I dropped by in my hopeless quest to sell him an ad.

(He once told me: “If I had your job, I’d call it paid vacation.” He also wanted to run an ad that said “You can’t beat our meat,” which for some reason didn’t pass muster with the publisher’s lawyers, so there went THAT sale.)

But I digress. The point is, like my dog, and unlike my old butcher friend, you have to stay in touch with your customers and prospects, on a regular basis, or you won’t get much of that “word of mouth” everyone’s so hungry for.

There are many ways to do this, but one of the best ways to keep yourself in front of your customers and prospects is to regularly email them a lightly-humorous newsletter which shows that you take your business very seriously, but that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

You’re likeable… hence the funny stuff. And you’re professional… hence the consistency with which you publish your funny stuff.

Now, I’m not saying this just because my business is writing lightly HUME-orous newsletters for my clients. Well, that’s probably what gave me the idea. I’m mostly saying it, though, because those little monthly tickles of the funny bone actually work. People read funny stuff.

(Some estimates put the increase in readership for funny stuff at five bazillion percent. The most conservative study, though, shows a 50% increase, which ain’t nothin.’)

Another great thing about funny marketing copy is that your competitors, who might try to copy everything you do, can’t copy your personality, and can’t match your funny stuff!

Want more word-of-mouth referrals? Try more funny words in email form, and send them on a consistent, regular basis.

That, or stand with your paws on your customer’s feet, and demand to be petted. That’s what my dog does. And she’s very consistent in her approach.

Key Take-Aways From This Edition

  • Unpleasant butchers don’t get nearly the referrals the average affectionate dog gets.
  • Contrary to some opinions, selling newspaper ads is neither a vacation nor, in many cases, paid.
  • One of the best ways to get referrals is to stay in touch with your prospects and customers on a consistent basis.
  • One of the best ways to stay in touch with your list is to do it in a fun, readable way… this shows that you have a personality, and that it’s a good one.

Want more Key Take-Aways? Of course you do. And you’ll get them in next month’s edition of Word PLAY!


Discussion Questions

  1. 1
    Does you butcher stand on your feet and demand to be petted?
  2. 2
    If I had your job, would I call it “paid vacation?”
  3. 3
    Does your business get enough word-of-mouth referrals? And are they from prospective customers you’d actually LIKE to work with?

Send your answers to The most creative, inspirational response will be eligible to win a PRIZE! *

(* Prize is at the sole discretion of Michael Hume, his heirs and assigns, and a focus group of unpleasant butchers. These people aren’t easy to please, so be aware of this when you’re crafting your entry. Top prize this month was going to be meat, but who can afford meat anymore? I know butchers who can’t. Deadline will drift by like a log on a lazy river. Boring, lackluster, or unimaginative entries may appear as ads in a local newspaper, along with full attribution and snide editor’s notes. Nobody wants that, so send us your most witty stuff. Best of luck!)

Last Month’s Grand Prize Winner: Doug I. from the Denver area was the top prize winner for last month, stating “Elmer popped his clogs.” This had nothing whatsoever to do with last month’s contest, but the judges loved it, so Doug’s the winner. Call to claim your prize!

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