It’s Christmas Every Day!

Pip and Sebastian (Michael and friend Becca)

In my world, every day is Christmas.

You might say that, while I’m a professional writer by trade, really, deep down, I’m in The Christmas Business.

I can give you at least three good reasons it’s Christmas every day here in Michael’s world.

I Married Mrs. Christmas

First, my fantastic wife of (soon) 25 fabulous years, Kathryn (not pictured; that’s my friend Becca with me in the photo, singing in the snow… more on that later), is the living embodiment of all things Christmas.

Actually, technically, I guess that would be Jesus.  But hopefully you get my point: I married Mrs. Christmas.

We have Christmas trees and a few other holiday decorations up all year long in our home, thanks to the amazing Kathryn.


I’m nuts about her.  I’m nuts about Christmas!  And at our house, one quick look around will tell you it’s Christmas here, every day.

I’m A Proud Original Dickens Caroler

I’ve been performing with the world’s best (maybe largest) Christmas caroling company, The Original Dickens Carolers of Colorado, for a LOOONG time.

So long, in fact, that I don’t even remember how long.  I think my first season was 1990 (I was three years old, hardy har)… but I can’t prove that.  The earliest year I can prove is 1992.

There may be a couple reasons I can’t remember exactly how long I’ve been with ODC.  First, we didn’t keep very many records (or pieces of paper) in those early days of the company. When I started, we only had 8-10 singers and exactly 19 songs (THAT I remember).  Now, we have about 50 carolers each season and more than 50 songs, all memorized (along with VERY entertaining stories) and ready to perform professionally.

The other reason is… is… um, I forget.

Oh, RIGHT!  The reason is that I forget.

I’m A Christmas Author, Too  (And A Holiday Songwriter)

My masterwork (so far) is The 95th Christmas, a holiday novel which (I’m happy to say) has been a hit with readers and critics alike.

It’s the story of an old man reconnecting with the Christmas inside him.

You can learn more about the story by clicking on any number of attractive buttons here on my web site.

One thing I’ll add: the novel includes the lyrics to a dozen original Christmas songs, emerging in the story as though they were written by the characters (though, in truth, I must be blamed for each).

We’re busily making preparations to create a professional album of these tunes which I’m sure you’ll enjoy (because I’ll have plenty of help from my caroling friends and other pro musicians).

Look for that collection, here and elsewhere online, at Christmastime, 2018!

It really is Christmas every day.  Every day the blessing is born inside us… in fact, that happens every time a thought, desire, emotion, or image enters our soul.  Hundreds of Christmases, every day!  So, what better way to close this than to wish you a very Merry Christmas, today and every day.  And a happy new “year.”   -MDH

Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Michael Hume is a freelance writer, singer, and songwriter, and author of The 95th Christmas. He's an honor graduate of the Defense Information School, and holds an M.S. from the University of Colorado School of Business. Michael is the author of hundreds of online articles, including the popular series Great Leadership Requires Inspiration, The Conscience of a Restorationist, Appreciate Your Adversaries, and Take Care of Your Business.

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