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Content Is Still King, But A Boring King Produces No Air

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January, 2022 * Volume II, Number 1

Dear Clever Reader,

Welcome to Volume II of Word PLAY!, everyone’s favorite news-free newsletter and automatic inbox deletion!

In this action-packed edition, we discuss donuts. Also, we talk about how to craft winning content for your marketing materials, and how to get people to shower you with money and donuts.

(Next month, maybe we’ll discuss cutting-edge methods for getting powdered sugar out of your hair.)

Brand X Might Want To Borrow A Cup Of Your Good Cheer

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December, 2021 * Volume I, Number 12

Dear Festive Reader,

Now that the holidays are winding down, and you’re heaving that heavy sigh that can only mean it’s time to get back to work Monday, at least you can cherish this, the latest edition of your favorite news-free newsletter, Word PLAY!

I know the LAST thing you need is another arty-farty, sappy, sentimental email full of heart-felt wishes for a prosperous new year.

So here it is!

It’s Your Birthday? Nobody Cares.

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November, 2021 * Volume I, Number 11

Dear Likeable Reader,

On this special occasion, it’s only fitting that you should receive the latest edition of your favorite news-free newsletter, Word PLAY!

It’s an occasion I take extremely seriously, as you’ll note when you waste the 192 seconds it will take you to read this. (Well, the good parts, anyway.)

Rules Were Made… To Be OBEYED

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Sept, 2021 * Volume I, Number 9

Dear Unruly Reader,

This current edition of your favorite news-free newsletter, Word PLAY!, is considered to be the current edition. Finally! It’s here!

This one goes out to all you “good kids” out there – the people who’d never dream of doing anything “outside the boundaries.” Because the topic, of course, is doing things outside the boundaries.

Just The Facts? YAWN

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August, 2021 * Volume I, Number 8

Dear Fact-Based Reader,

Here’s a fact: the latest edition of your favorite news-free newsletter has made its way through cyberspace, right into your email inbox.

In it, we may or may not be exploring the latest medical research on hair loss. However, we’ll definitely be talking about how to keep from boring your company’s ideal prospects straight into the arms (arms?) of your competitors.

Who Are You Attracting?

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July, 2021 * Volume I, Number 7

Dear Attractive Reader,

In this, your fresh hot news-free newsletter, you’re going to learn the great secret to being successful on the dating scene.

“Finally,” you sigh. “Hume sends me something useful!”

Ha ha. Very funny. But I think you will find it useful, so I’m inclined to receive your sarcasm with the good-natured humor for which I’m so famously known.

Who ARE You?

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June, 2021 * Volume I, Number 6

Dear All-Seeing Reader,

In this edition of America’s favorite new-free newsletter, you’ll see things you’ve never seen before, and learn to see things in a way you’ve never looked at seeing.

More importantly, I hope this edition will get you to see the way people see YOU. Do your ideal prospective customers see you as the fun, likeable person you are? Or, like too many ex-girlfriends, are they seeing someone else?

Don’t Try Any Funny Stuff

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May, 2021 * Volume I, Number 5

Dear Shrewd Reader,

This edition of your favorite news-free newsletter, Word PLAY, is finally here, and you’ll find it in this edition.

You’re about to learn time-tested secrets that explain just about everything you’re wondering about, if all you’re wondering about is what level of funny is JUST right for your firm’s marketing copy.

Here’s What Brand X Is Completely Missing

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April, 2021 * Volume I, Number 4

Dear Fighting Reader,

Are you sick of opening your email, only to find the latest edition of Word PLAY isn’t there yet? Well, today’s your lucky day.

Also, are you sick of the haughty way your competitors are always talking about how great they are, when you know you could whip them with one product line tied behind your back? If so, this is really your lucky day, because this edition discusses the fine art of untying things from behind your back.

In this edition of your favorite news-free newsletter, we also slip in a few comments about how to kick your competitors’ butts with Certified Pure Funny Stuff.