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Solve The Puzzle For Your Prospects – And They’ll Thank You With Money

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August, 2023 * Volume III, Number 8

Dear Sleuthing Reader,

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Will the last day of the month EVER get here, so I can read this month’s entertaining and informative edition of Word Play! – my favorite news-free newsletter?”

See how I read your mind, just now? Well, this edition is all about marketers who force their prospective customers to try to read their minds.

Let AI Write Your Marketing Copy – And Let Us Know How That Works Out

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July, 2023 * Volume III, Number 7

Dear Doubting Reader,

Word Play! – your favorite news-free newsletter – is here again, after a month-long vacation. Since it’s a monthly publication, though, you probably didn’t even notice.

I’ve run into a few doubters lately, who question the future of humble crackpot scribes like yours truly, since Artificial Intelligence has now (they think) replaced us. If you’re one of those doubters, this edition is for you! And by the way, I thought I’d write this one myself, rather than turning the duty over to a robot monkey.

I Can’t Publish An Email Newsletter

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June, 2023 * Volume III, Number 6

Dear Wondering Reader,

It’s finally HERE! This month’s edition of your favorite news-free email newsleter, Word Play!

If you’re wondering whether you would be able to do something, you could ask your spouse, or your parents. But you might get a better, more accurate answer if you were to ask the late Henry Ford. And that’s what this edition is all about.

Stop Interrupting Your Cust (MOO) omers

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May, 2023 * Volume III, Number 5

Dear Patient Reader,

We’ve all heard the old joke that’s become one of my granddaughter’s favorites: “Knock knock!” “Who’s there?” “Interrupting Cow!” “Interrup-“ “MOO!”

In this month’s edition of Word PLAY! – your favorite news-free email newsletter – we explore a subtle and often-overlooked trick of the marketing trade: Patience.

Wait for it….

Don’t Pretend Your Business Never Fails

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April, 2023 * Volume III, Number 4

Dear Airborne Reader,

Here it is! The latest edition of your favorite news-free email newsletter, Word PLAY! Dropping from cyberspace like a paratrooper (or bird excrement).

This month, we tell horror stories about air travel. Who doesn’t love those? Also, we talk about the benefit your business derives when you’re really great at taking care of customer problems.

Don’t Forget The Batteries

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March, 2023 * Volume III, Number 3

Dear Considerate Reader,

Know what’s really cool? Battery-powered robots. Know what else? This edition of your favorite news-free email newsletter, Word PLAY! And it’s here, now!

In this edition, we talk about how ungrateful some kids can be when they get certain toys at Christmas. Also, we touch on the notion of making things easier on your beloved customers.

The Funny ’22 Word PLAY! Year In Review

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December, 2022 * Volume II, Number 12

Dear Festive Reader,

‘Tis no boring email! No, ‘tis something better:
‘Tis Word PLAY! – your fav’rite news-free e-newsletter!

By now, you are thinking, “What’s in this edition?”
A Year End Review full of sweet erudition!

And if you learn nothing, e’en if you’re confused,
My hope is (at least) that you’ll wind up amused.

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